Raffaele 🎧

Raffaele recorded his story about how One Degree has helped him in meeting the challenges of homelessness and unemployment.

Transcript has been edited slightly for privacy and clarity. Audio has been condensed for brevity.

Raffaele : My name is Raffael. I’m originally from New York but moved to San Diego. I came up here with a relationship and a few months into moving here, we broke up. So now, I find myself alone and starting over. [...]

One Degree: How are you using One Degree right now?

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Raffaele : Mostly for housing and for employment resources. As of next Monday, I’m going to be officially homeless, so I’m looking for either a shelter or some place to register. I heard there’s a place that you can go to for like 90 days—they’ll give you a bed until you get back on your feet. So, that’s my number one priority right now. So. It’s been tough, it’s been really tough, but I’m happy there’s an app like this for people who are looking for resources in the city.

One Degree: If you’re comfortable can you describe with like sharing how you’ve been feeling, like as you’re entering this stage of trying to find a place to stay?

Raffaele : It’s like a dream that you just can’t wake up from. I would see homeless people on the street and I would never imagine, in a million years, that it will happen to me. The worst part is trying to find a place to go to the bathroom everyday, which I would always take for granted when I had an apartment. So, I just go to the Hyatt or the Marriott but the place I’m staying now is, you know, it’s a hostel, and there’s really nice people there but it’s really day by day. One day at a time. I wake up in the morning and I try to figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow but if you don’t have a place to sleep at night, you really can’t think about that kind of stuff. Your housing has to come first, and then you can worry about where you’re going to get food or use the bathroom.

One Degree: Thank you for sharing that. You’ve just started using One Degree, is there anything that’s been useful to you so far?  

Raffaele : Yeah. I found the homeless shelter on here. I found a bunch of employment links as well. Those are the only two I’m really focused on. There’s tons of others too, like food and education sections, but my main concern is housing and employment right now.

One Degree: What would you say are some other ways beyond One Degree that you’ve used to find help. What makes One Degree unique in comparison to those other ways you find resources?

Raffaele : Mostly I’ve been on my own, trying to look through newspapers and Google articles about what you can do if you are single and homeless in San Francisco. There’s really not a lot out there, you know, it’s either mostly for seniors or for teenage runways. And when you think of a homeless person, it’s mostly a drug addict or somebody who’s come from a very abusive background and all that. In a way, I feel like if I go to these places I’m going to be taking services away from another person who might really need it, but I have to let my pride go away because I need help as well now. So, It’s basically help for myself now. I like having this, I look at it everyday to find as much resources as I can, but like I said, housing is the most important for me right now. [...]

One Degree: What would you tell other people, families, or individuals like yourself who are looking for resources, about One Degree? How would you describe it to them and would you recommend it?

Raffaele : I would recommend it, I would say, Download it, give it a chance, give it a few days to go through it. You might not like every category. Or maybe every category doesn’t relate to you but I would say just explore it. Spend maybe more than two days, three days exploring it.” I like to use the save feature so you don’t have to go back. You could just go to your list and it’s right there, I like that feature. But I’m also still exploring it as well, there’s a lot to see on there.