Melissa is a San Francisco-based single mom of a beautiful 2-year-old son with autism. Caring for her son is a full-time job, requiring Melissa to spend most of her time bringing her son to speech therapy, feeding therapy, potty training and attending her own parenting classes. Finances are tight for Melissa, so she relies on CalWorks and other available assistance to make ends meet and provide for her son.

Melissa originally found One Degree in December 2017 when she went to Compass and saw a flier for One Degree. Using One Degree, Melissa was able to find parenting classes, holiday gifts, diapers, and help paying her utility bills. Through her own searching and utilizing One Degree Member Support, Melissa was also able to find a collection of Thanksgiving meals. Melissa previously struggled to find the resources her family needs. She found organizations to be very secretive about what resources were available, and found other information and referral services ineffective.

Like so many users of One Degree, Melissa doesn’t have time to run in circles searching for resources. One Degree has been able to save her time and frustration, so she can focus on taking care of her family.

“If One Degree didn’t exist, it would have been a grim Christmas. Because of One Degree, there were presents to put under the tree, a big box of food, two turkeys, fresh vegetables... I was in awe... Really blessed.”