Madelaine was born and raised in San Francisco, and well aware of how hard it can be to navigate resources in the city. Before she found One Degree she was looking for housing resources and frustrated by the amount of time she spent searching on Google. “Whenever I’m looking for resources, I get a headache,” she said. Madelaine became a One Degree member soon after it was founded in 2012 and has been active ever since. With One Degree Madelaine found the housing help she needed, as well as senior care, financial services, and resources for her son.

In the years since becoming a member Madelaine’s life has changed quite a bit. She now works for her sister’s dog walking business doing legal services, and she still sometimes uses One Degree to look for the resources she needs. She has used the website to find help with mortgage refinancing, animal care, and even employment services for her nephew.

As someone who has used One Degree for years, Madelaine wishes that more people knew about the website. She loves the ability to use One Degree as a one-stop shop for all of her resource needs, and has spread the word to her friends and families.

For anyone feeling overwhelmed by Google searches, Madelaine has one piece of advice: “Look, just go to One Degree.”