Jen describes the current state of her life as “in transition.” She spent the last five years as a full-time caretaker for her mother who was battling stage four cancer. Before her mother’s diagnosis, Jen worked full-time in the TV and film industry. However, between taking her mother to radiation treatment five days a week and her responsibilities at home, Jen had no time to hold a steady job. 

I really love that [One Degree is] a hub for different resources.

After her mother passed away, Jen was suddenly a homeowner for the first time, and she wasn’t sure how to handle a mortgage on top of a job search after five years of being unemployed. Feeling overwhelmed, Jen searched the internet for help with managing the expenses of her new home. When Jen discovered One Degree, she was impressed by the wide range of resources available on the website, saying, “I really love that it’s a hub for different resources.”

By using One Degree, Jen has been able to receive assistance for paying utilities as well as other services through local churches. With this extra help, Jen is able to get her basic needs met and focus on jump-starting her career to create a stable life for herself. While the loss of her mother continues to be hard for her, Jen is grateful to One Degree for helping her get the support she needed during a very difficult time in her life.