Drea is a working mother and a survivor of domestic violence who lives with her two young children in Hayward, California. Before she discovered One Degree, she was frustrated by the social services process. “In the Bay Area, getting help in general, you get all these phone numbers and never hear back,” she said. Unpredictable Google searches and outdated information prevented Drea from accessing the resources that she needed.

After getting housing through Compass Family Services, a worker there referred her to One Degree. What she found was that One Degree addressed many of the issues she had encountered with searching for resources before. With the help of One Degree, Drea was able to find other programs to help her with her job search, and she used the platform to keep them all in one place.

Given her own experience, Drea hopes that more people would use One Degree, “One Degree is a one-stop shop, better than going to all these different websites.”