CJ is a 57-year old Bay Area local, currently living in Oakland, CA. She knows the frustrations of navigating the social safety net all too well. CJ has experienced homelessness, and is a natural networker — often helping her friends and loved ones navigate their way into more stable housing. She had long been looking for a “Google for social services” before finding One Degree, and she’s been using One Degree to find resources for herself and community.

CJ is pursuing a nonprofit management certificate at California State University and plans to work as a champion for social justice when she graduates. She is currently unable to work full-time due to health challenges, so she searched One Degree and found resources to help meet some of her basic needs, like food, healthcare, and help paying utility bills so she can focus on her studies

She appreciated One Degree so much, that she wanted to give back by volunteering. She’s gone on to research and update resources for the community on the platform.

“Without One Degree, life would be different because I would not have found some of the resources that I need for my health,” said CJ. “I think more people should know about One Degree because it makes it so much easier for people who are struggling to get the help they need. And it does that by having everything at one place.”